The Seeing Shakespeare Collection

Seeing Shakespeare brings the world’s leading contemporary artists together with William Shakespeare. Featuring covers designed by each artist and illustrations throughout, these editions of Shakespeare’s plays are created with a whole new generation in mind, one of readers and art lovers alike.

Shakespeare x Rose Wylie: The Tempest

Set on a remote island, Shakespeare’s The Tempest is an ideal subject for the artist Rose Wylie, whose work frequently references classic stories and well-known characters.

William Shakespeare x Marcel Dzama: A Midsummer Nights Dream

Set in an enchanted forest, Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream is the ideal subject for artist Marcel Dzama, whose work frequently references dreams, fairy tales, and mythical worlds.

William Shakespeare x Chris Ofili: Othello

Othello remains one of Shakespeare’s most contemporary and moving plays, with its emphasis on race, revenge, murder, and lost love. Chris Ofili’s new edition highlights the tragedy of Othello’s plight in ways no other volume of this play has.



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