The Nonconformist Collection

Rebellious in content and technique, the artists in this collection change the conversation around art making. 

Sherrie Levine: Hong Kong Dominoes
Exploring the development of groundbreaking artist Sherrie Levine’s work, this catalogue looks at four series central to her practice.

Crumb’s World
R. Crumb’s obsessions—from sex to the Bible, music, politics, and the vicissitudes and obscenities of daily life—are chronicled in this comprehensive book of work by the illustrious American comic artist. 

Lisa Yuskavage: Babie Brood
Lisa Yuskavage: Babie Brood is the first survey of the artist’s small-scale paintings. While Yuskavage is primarily known for larger canvases, these intimate works offer a new window into her transgressive paintings and complex and influential oeuvre.



Publisher: David Zwirner Books


Retail: $140

Status: Available