The Eye's Mind: Bridget Riley

Collected Writings 1965-2019

Text by Bridget Riley. Edited by Robert Kudielka

Bridget Riley, one of the leading abstract painters of her generation, holds a unique position in contemporary art. She has developed and extended the range of her interests ever since her first success in the 1960s, creating a body of work which is both consistent and highly varied. This volume, now fully revised and updated, reveals the mind behind this remarkable achievement, drawing together the most important texts and interviews of the last fifty years. Riley’s writings show a passionate engagement with her subjects and a great insight paired with a freshness of approach and an exceptional clarity of expression. Quite apart from providing a key to understanding her own work, this book is a fascinating document reflecting the issues and problems facing an artist in the 21st century.


Publisher: Thames and Hudson & The Bridget Riley Art Foundation

Artists: Bridget Riley

Contributors: Robert Kudielka

Designer: Tim Harvey

Printer: Opero srl, Italy

Publication Date: November 2019 (third edition)

Binding: Softcover

Dimensions: 7 x 9 1/4 in | 17.5 x 23.8 cm

Pages: 472

ISBN: 9780500971017

Retail: $39.99 | £24.95 | €36.50

Status: Available

Bridget Riley

One of the most significant artists working today, Bridget Riley’s dedication to the interaction of form and color has led to a continued exploration of perception. From the early 1960s, she has used elementary shapes such as lines, circles, curves, and squares to create visual experiences that actively engage the viewer, at times triggering optical sensations of vibration and movement. Her earliest black-and-white compositions offer impressions of several other pigments, while ensuing, multi-chromatic works present color as an active component. Although abstract, her practice is closely linked with nature, which she understands to be “the dynamism of visual forces—an event rather than an appearance.”

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