Karla Black

Text by Carol Armstrong, Susanne Figner and Barry Schwabsky

The large-scale forms of Scottish sculptor Karla Black (born 1972) evoke the pastel, towering layer cakes one might see in a bakery window. Materials include cellophane, plaster powder, lip gloss, glitter hair spray, and tracing paper. This publication explores Black’s tactile, confectionlike creations.


Publisher: Walther König, Köln

Artists: Karla Black

Contributors: Carol Armstrong, Susanne Figner, Barry Schwabsky

Publication Date: 2014

Binding: Softcover

Dimensions: 9 x 11 1/2 in (22.9 x 29.2 cm)

Pages: 129

Reproductions: 150 color

ISBN: 9783863354886

Retail: $55 US & Canada | £33 | €38

Status: Available

Karla Black

Karla Black creates abstract sculptures using a combination of everyday materials including powder, soap, gels, and pastes, along with more traditional media such as plaster, chalk, paint, and paper. Carefully arranged on the floor or suspended from the ceiling, they are typically made on site and include direct evidence of the process of their creation through fingerprints and dust. Delicate, messy, sensuous, and visceral, they testify to a physical experience of the world that lies beyond metaphorical and symbolic references. Poised between form and anti-form, they emerge like transitional states or naturally occurring sediments.

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