Jeff Koons: Hulk Elvis

Text by Scott Rothkopf, with contribution by Hans Ulrich Obrist

The definitive survey of Jeff Koons’s Hulk Elvis paintings, including an extensive interview with the artist in his studio.

From the outset of his controversial career, Jeff Koons turned the traditional notion of the work of art and its context inside out. Focusing on unexpected yet banal objects as models for his work, he eschewed typical standards of “good taste” in art, instead embracing what he perceives as conventional middle-class values in order to expose the vulnerabilities of aesthetic hierarchies and value systems. Koons’s declared strategies are to make art beautiful, to strive for objectivity, to give back the familiar, and to reflect, and thus empower, the viewer. The works of Koons’s series Hulk Elvis burst with energy and precision yet mystify with their complex permutations and combinations of figurative and abstract elements. A charged mix of inflatable monkeys, geishas, birds, the Incredible Hulk, and the Liberty Bell jostle against realistically rendered landscapes, gestural paintings, steam engines and horse-drawn carriages, negative silhouettes, and underlying dot screens. 


Publisher: Rizzoli

Artists: Jeff Koons

Contributors: Hans Ulrich Obrist, Scott Rothkopf

Publication Date: 2010

Binding: Hardcover

Dimensions: 12 1/4 x 12 1/4 in (31.1 x 31.1 cm)

Pages: 126

ISBN: 9780847833597

Retail: $80

Status: Available

Jeff Koons

One of the most prominent artists working today, Jeff Koons is well known for his bold paintings and sculptures. Typically working in series, his art holds up a mirror to contemporary consumer culture, using the photorealistic, commercial aesthetic familiar from an earlier generation of Pop artists to generate his own unique and universally recognizable style. His subjects range from toys to inflatables to household items to luxury goods and sexualized imagery. His references to popular media are evidenced not merely in his choice of subject matter but also in his visual techniques: his sculptures often involve smooth, glistening surfaces while his paintings employ bright and saturated colors.

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