Donald Judd: Architecture

Texts by Rudi Fuchs, Brigitte Huck, Donald Judd, Peter Noever

An impressive presentation of the work of Donald Judd: sculptures, drawings, furniture, architecture, and texts by the American Grand Master of Minimal Art.

One of the leading representatives of American Minimal Art, Donald Judd undertook a radical and revolutionary analysis of the definition of sculpture in space with his \"specific objects\" made of steel, wood, aluminum, and Plexiglas. Somewhat less familiar are his numerous architectural and furniture designs, which, though closely related in formal terms to his art objects, reflect above all Judd\s concern with the aspect of utility. Important in many ways to an understanding of Judd\s work in this area is an old fort located near the small town of Marfa, Texas, which Judd acquired in 1971 and systematically expanded into the largest ensemble of contemporary art in the world. The drawings, design sketches, ground plans, and photographs of the grounds and architecture presented in this volume bear eloquent witness to Judd\s role as the architect and stage director of his own oeuvre. The large series of aluminum and wood furniture as well as selected items from his system of plywood chairs, tables, and shelving units exemplify the artist\s rigorous demands for aesthetic reduction and precision in the object on the basis of its form and material. Donald Judd: Architecture appeared in 1991 in German only, it has been thoroughly revised and expanded for this first English/German edition.


Publisher: Hatje Cantz

Artists: Donald Judd

Contributors: Rudi Fuchs, Brigitte Huck, Donald Judd, Peter Noever

Publication Date: 2003

Binding: Hardcover

Dimensions: 8 3/4 x 11 1/2 in (22.2 x 29.2 cm)

Pages: 144

Reproductions: 25 color, 84 b&w

ISBN: 9783775711326

Retail: $35 | €35

Status: Out Of Print

Donald Judd

The work of Donald Judd (1928–1994), one of the most significant American artists of the postwar period, has come to define what has been referred to as minimalist art—a label to which the artist strongly objected on the grounds of its generality. The unaffected, straightforward quality of Judd’s work demonstrates his strong interest in color, form, material, and space. With the intention of creating work that could assume a direct material and physical “presence” without recourse to grand philosophical statements, he eschewed the classical ideals of representational sculpture to create a rigorous visual vocabulary that sought clear and definite objects as its primary mode of articulation.

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