2021 Holiday Gift Guide
A book for every type of art lover.

By David Zwirner Books
  • Holiday Book sales collection

To ring in the holidays, we’re taking 25% off all our books sitewide. Below, we’ve curated the perfect selection for every kind of art lover in your life—from the tireless art history buff to the tired parent who just needs some art-y soothing.


The Bookworm 🤤📚

You’re 99% sure this friend hasn’t read 91.3% of the books on their overflowing shelves, but alas, you choose to contribute to the problem anyway.

Image link to buy "The Bookworm" collection.



The ~Minimalist~

Conceptually not your average Marie Kondo!

Image link to buy "The Minimalist" collection.



The Art History Buff 🤓

Share with the oversharer in your life.

Image link to buy "The Art History Buff" collection.



The Art Student 🎨

Prevent (or ignite?) the mind-numbing existential dread of art school with guidance from visionaries past.

 Image link to buy "The Art Student" collection. 



The Parent Who Needs a Break 🏖️

Parents have had a rough two years.

 Image link to buy "The Parent Who Needs a Break" collection. 



The Nonconformist 🤘

This friend’s commitment to the rejection of convention probably needs no reinforcement, but…

Image link to buy "The Nonconformist" collection.